About us

Managing Director – Nicky Chalker

I started Chalker&Co. to provide expert assistance to business owners / managers who from time to time need an expert to advise and provide support for key areas of their business.

Chalker&Co.  adds value as a virtual team member who is 100% productive without the overhead of being a permanent resource.

My experience has been gained by working with a range of  small, medium and very large Wellington based organisations such as a boutique consultancy firm, a unique, iconic Hotel and apartment block, through to a “house hold name” trading bank.

I have assisted small businesses with their start up and inevitable growth through to re-engineering systems and procedures of well-established organisations ensuring efficiency, relevancy and systems that are fit for purpose.

I have been entrusted with orchestrating successful organisational change and project management along with all aspects of sales management, personnel management, facilities and property management that come with running and promoting successful entities.

My professional background includes sales, marketing, accounts, HR and advertising

And there is more ..  I too have  a virtual team of people that I work with to provide expertise in a wide range of areas covering:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Web sites
  • Premises
  • Strategy

I understand client confidentiality so please do call me and lets take care of your business together.

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